Week 8 Picks

October 29, 2006

I’m soo sorry boys for last week’s MIA! You see my boyfriend was out in Vegas with his boys and that left me here all alone with just the girls to keep me company. So as you might have guessed I did quite a bit of partying!!! In the wonderful glow of Tequila haze I just lost all track of my duties to all you Sunday Football Hunks anxiously awaiting my Picks. Please accept my apology. I owe you some money picks the next couple of weeks. So here we go!

Houston @ Tenn.-3                    SU: Houston        ATS: Houston

Jacksonville @ Philly -8             SU: Philly             ATS: Jacksonville

Atlanta @ Cincy -3 1/2              SU: Cincy              ATS: Cincy

Tampa Bay @ N.Y. Giants -9   SU: Giants             ATS: Bucs

San Fran @ Chicago -16            SU: Chicago           ATS: Chicago

Arizona @ Green Bay -4           SU: Green Bay      ATS: Green Bay

Seattle @ Kansas City -4 1/2   SU: Kansas City    ATS: Kansas City

Baltimore @ Orleans -2            SU: Baltimore        ATS: Baltimore

St. Louis @ San Diego -9           SU: San Diego        ATS: San Diego

Pittsburgh @ Oakland +10       SU: Pitt                   ATS: Pitt

N.Y. Jets @ Cleveland -1 1/2   SU: Cleveland         ATS: Cleveland

Indy @ Denver -2 1/2               SU: Denver             ATS: Denver

Dallas @ Carolina -5                   SU: Carolina            ATS: Carolina

New England @ Minny +2 1/2  SU: Minny              ATS: Minny

I’m back and I’m feelin’ good about this Sunday.  The girls are gettin’ ready to go get some nachos and beer!  Have a great day!  Kisses from us here at Hot Chicks/Hot Picks!


Week 6 Games Recap

October 19, 2006

Some of you might be wondering why it’s taken us girls so long to post a recap of last weekend’s games.

The easy answer is that we’re still trying to get over the epic collapse of the Cardinals on Monday Night Football. Every year, there seems to be one game on Monday night that defies all known rules of football. Last year was the Redskins/Cowboys. We just witnessed this year’s historic game on Monday night.

So no recap. Not after what happened on Monday. It was just too epic. It was the cherry topped on a perfect Sundae of football.

Week 6 Picks

October 15, 2006

Well I had a great week last Sunday… The same as most of you guys!  A lot of teams are taking today off and let’s hope they’re bringing in their hot strippers to private homes!  No more of that Boat Trip Stuff.  Here’s a little secret guys–If you got the money, go undercover like Leo did in “The Departed”!  Very Hot group of guys in that one!  So here we go again!  I like a couple of upsets today–

Bengals at Bucs +5                      SU: Bucs             ATS: Bucs

Titans at Redskins -11                SU: Redskins      ATS: Redskins

Texans at Cowboys -13 1/2       SU: Cowboys       ATS: Cowboys

Bills at Lions +2                           SU: Lions              ATS: Lions

Seahawks at Rams +3                 SU: Rams             ATS: Rams

Giants at Falcons -3                     SU: Falcons          ATS: Falcons

Eagles at Saints +3 1/2                SU: Eagles             ATS: Eagles

Panthers at Ravens -3                 SU: Ravens            ATS: Ravens

Dolphins at Jets -3                        SU: Jets                  ATS: Jets

Chargers at 49ers +10                  SU: Chargers          ATS: Chargers

Chiefs at Steelers -7                       SU: Steelers           ATS: Steelers

Raiders at Broncos -14 1/2            SU: Broncos           ATS: Broncos

Bears at Cardinals +12                    SU: Bears               ATS: Bears

We really like the Lions to finally get their first win and I got a feeling about those Chucky Bucs today.  It’s time to get all pretty and join my girls for some morning beer and some great nachos!  See ya all later boys!

–Alikat and the girls

Week 5 Picks

October 8, 2006

Another weekend of T.O against the world–Harrington is in at QB–A couple of Rookies starting their first games in Leinart and Gradkowski–The huge game between Pittsburgh and San Diego!  Last week I went 9-5 SU but only 5-9 ATS.  I gotta be honest, I don’t like most of the games this Sunday.  There is not a lot of value in the lines this week.  Some large spreads going down with a lot of desperation out there today.  Many teams are fighting for their season already.  So here we go with Week 5!

Titans +17 1/2 at Indy                 SU: Indy       ATS: Indy

Wash +5 1/2 at N.Y. Giants         SU: Giants    ATS: Skins

Lions +7 at Vikings                        SU: Vikings   ATS: Lions

Tampa +7 at Saints                     SU: Saints      ATS: Saints

Rams -3 at Packers                     SU: Rams       ATS: Rams

Dolph +10 at Patriots                  SU: Patriots    ATS: Dolphins
Bills +10 at Bears                         SU: Bears         ATS: Bears

Browns +8 at Carolina                 SU: Carolina     ATS: Carolina

Jets +7 at Jacksonville                 SU: Jacksonville   ATS: Jacksonville

Chiefs -4 at Arizona                      SU: Chiefs           ATS: Chiefs

Cowboys +2 at Philly                    SU: Philly            ATS: Philly

Oakland +3 1/2 at San Fran        SU: San Fran      ATS: San Fran

Steelers +3 1/2 at Chargers         SU: Steelers        ATS: Steelers

Ravens +4 at Denver                     SU: Denver         ATS: Ravens

Go get em boys, hit em where they ain’t!  Just some words of encouragement from one of my favorite sexy sisters, Susan Sarandon!  Have some shots on us here at Hot Chicks, Hot Picks!  Later boys!

boys are stupid

October 3, 2006

Ever wonder why so many football players act so goddamn stupid?  See the recent incidents with Odell Thurman, Chris Henry, Koren Robinson, Albert Haynesworth, T.O., the list goes on and on and on and on.

Alikat, Mary Milan and I speculated last night while we ate pizza and watched the Monday Night game that it was due to the elevated levels of testasterone in these men’s body.  Studies have long shown that high levels of testasterone lead to high levels of aggression.  Well now, we actually have proof that excess testasterone makes you stupid, in fact, it “can lead to a catastrophic loss of brain cells.” 

Week 4 Picks

October 1, 2006

Ouch!  I felt like I just got cheated on by my boyfriend last Sunday.  It was not one of my better weekends last week.  But it’s a new Sunday and I’m feeling like chicks do 3 months after a breakup… Good to do a few shots with the girls and ready for some action!  So here we go boys.  As always  SU=Straight Up    ATS=Against the Spread

Colts -9 at N.Y. Jets               SU: Colts       ATS: Colts

Chargers -1 at Ravens           SU: Ravens     ATS: Ravens

Vikings +1 at Bills                   SU: Vikings      ATS: Vikings

Cowboys -10 at Titans           SU: Cowboys     ATS: Cowboys

49ers +7 at Chiefs                   SU: Chiefs         ATS: 49ers

Saints +7 at Panthers             SU: Panthers     ATS: Saints

Cardinals +7 1/2 at Falcons   SU: Falcons        ATS: Falcons

Dolphins -4 at Texans            SU: Dolphins       ATS: Dolphins

Lions +6 at Rams                    SU: Rams            ATS: Lions

Pats +6 at Bengals                  SU: Pats               ATS: Pats

Jags -3 at Redskins                SU: Jags                ATS: Jags

Browns -2 at Raiders             SU: Raiders          ATS: Raiders

Seahawks +3 1/2 at Bears     SU: Seahawks      ATS: Seahawks

Packers +11 1/2 at Eagles      SU: Eagles            ATS: Packers

Get your beer on this weekend!  We’ll find out who’s for real this weekend and who’s gonna need some more work.  Alikat and the girls are lookin’ for a comeback to the money!  The games we really like are: Ravens at Home, Seahawks to upset the Bears, Saints to play the Panthers much closer than the 7 points Vegas is giving the Home team, and the Jags to cover at the Skins!

Terrell Owens Tries to Commit Suicide (or not)

September 27, 2006

Why are we not surprised?  I remember a car ride back from Dodger stadium about year ago, when the Terrell Owens situation was just beginning with the Eagles and Donovan McNabb, Alikat and I speculated that the only explanation for his Owens’ behavior was that he had real, serious mental issues.  I think I said something like, “Sad isn’t it that he is so spectacularly talented and so immensely fucked up.”  We hope he’s able to get the help he needs.


The the official story has changed.  According to T.O., he didn’t actually want to take a permanent timeout from life. 

Again, we’re not surprised. 

Owens is a man who needs a lot of help.  We hope that Parcells and team officials, other Cowboys, and those around him will not, like Dan Le Retard, let this go just because T.O. says he’s fine (just because Owens is open about his history of self-destructiveness doesn’t make him any less self-destructive), and that they are brave enough to confront him get him the help he needs.