What the hell is this? C’mon boys, get sharp. That’s like going to Snakes on a Plane and being surprised that it’s a movie about m’f’ing snakes on a m’f’ing plane. Very simply, hot chicks here give you hot news and the hottest picks for the NFL season so you can stop hiding from your bookie and take your wives and girlfriends out to a nice dinner.

Why? Because we got sick of watching Nick Bakay piss away his money and we felt bad for him and his wife.

Do you girls even know about football? What – simple stuff like a team has four downs to gain ten yards or more nuanced stuff like the Tampa’s Cover 2 was a buzzsaw defense their Super Bowl year because they had immense speed at linebacker which allowed them to play underneath like cornerbacks?

Are you lesbians? How do you know so much about football?  Some of us may be.  It’s not a requirement to work for us.  We learned about football because we have big brothers and fathers.

Fine, but why should we listen to you? 70% over the last two seasons, including playoffs. What’s your percentage?

Are you girls married or seeing anyone?

Where are you two based? Los Angeles. County. It’s a BIG place.

I’m a hot chick and I love football. Can I write for you guys? Absolutely. We are going to be looking for girls nationwide to cover their favorite teams. More details to come later. If you are interested, drop us a line at “chicks with picks [one word] at gmail.com”


4 Responses to About

  1. Aurora says:

    How old are you?

  2. Makayla Garcia says:

    Very nice site, i love it!

  3. Paris Camara says:

    Very good site! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Bodog says:

    Hey ladies,
    FYI-The link on your sidebar to Bodog is broken.

    Their new domain is http://www.bodoglife.com.

    It’s in the (Sites that tickle our “e”-spot)

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