Week 8 Picks

I’m soo sorry boys for last week’s MIA! You see my boyfriend was out in Vegas with his boys and that left me here all alone with just the girls to keep me company. So as you might have guessed I did quite a bit of partying!!! In the wonderful glow of Tequila haze I just lost all track of my duties to all you Sunday Football Hunks anxiously awaiting my Picks. Please accept my apology. I owe you some money picks the next couple of weeks. So here we go!

Houston @ Tenn.-3                    SU: Houston        ATS: Houston

Jacksonville @ Philly -8             SU: Philly             ATS: Jacksonville

Atlanta @ Cincy -3 1/2              SU: Cincy              ATS: Cincy

Tampa Bay @ N.Y. Giants -9   SU: Giants             ATS: Bucs

San Fran @ Chicago -16            SU: Chicago           ATS: Chicago

Arizona @ Green Bay -4           SU: Green Bay      ATS: Green Bay

Seattle @ Kansas City -4 1/2   SU: Kansas City    ATS: Kansas City

Baltimore @ Orleans -2            SU: Baltimore        ATS: Baltimore

St. Louis @ San Diego -9           SU: San Diego        ATS: San Diego

Pittsburgh @ Oakland +10       SU: Pitt                   ATS: Pitt

N.Y. Jets @ Cleveland -1 1/2   SU: Cleveland         ATS: Cleveland

Indy @ Denver -2 1/2               SU: Denver             ATS: Denver

Dallas @ Carolina -5                   SU: Carolina            ATS: Carolina

New England @ Minny +2 1/2  SU: Minny              ATS: Minny

I’m back and I’m feelin’ good about this Sunday.  The girls are gettin’ ready to go get some nachos and beer!  Have a great day!  Kisses from us here at Hot Chicks/Hot Picks!


8 Responses to Week 8 Picks

  1. Hey just looking through your pages, look like there are some great picks in there.

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