Week 6 Picks

Well I had a great week last Sunday… The same as most of you guys!  A lot of teams are taking today off and let’s hope they’re bringing in their hot strippers to private homes!  No more of that Boat Trip Stuff.  Here’s a little secret guys–If you got the money, go undercover like Leo did in “The Departed”!  Very Hot group of guys in that one!  So here we go again!  I like a couple of upsets today–

Bengals at Bucs +5                      SU: Bucs             ATS: Bucs

Titans at Redskins -11                SU: Redskins      ATS: Redskins

Texans at Cowboys -13 1/2       SU: Cowboys       ATS: Cowboys

Bills at Lions +2                           SU: Lions              ATS: Lions

Seahawks at Rams +3                 SU: Rams             ATS: Rams

Giants at Falcons -3                     SU: Falcons          ATS: Falcons

Eagles at Saints +3 1/2                SU: Eagles             ATS: Eagles

Panthers at Ravens -3                 SU: Ravens            ATS: Ravens

Dolphins at Jets -3                        SU: Jets                  ATS: Jets

Chargers at 49ers +10                  SU: Chargers          ATS: Chargers

Chiefs at Steelers -7                       SU: Steelers           ATS: Steelers

Raiders at Broncos -14 1/2            SU: Broncos           ATS: Broncos

Bears at Cardinals +12                    SU: Bears               ATS: Bears

We really like the Lions to finally get their first win and I got a feeling about those Chucky Bucs today.  It’s time to get all pretty and join my girls for some morning beer and some great nachos!  See ya all later boys!

–Alikat and the girls


5 Responses to Week 6 Picks

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