Week 4 Picks

Ouch!  I felt like I just got cheated on by my boyfriend last Sunday.  It was not one of my better weekends last week.  But it’s a new Sunday and I’m feeling like chicks do 3 months after a breakup… Good to do a few shots with the girls and ready for some action!  So here we go boys.  As always  SU=Straight Up    ATS=Against the Spread

Colts -9 at N.Y. Jets               SU: Colts       ATS: Colts

Chargers -1 at Ravens           SU: Ravens     ATS: Ravens

Vikings +1 at Bills                   SU: Vikings      ATS: Vikings

Cowboys -10 at Titans           SU: Cowboys     ATS: Cowboys

49ers +7 at Chiefs                   SU: Chiefs         ATS: 49ers

Saints +7 at Panthers             SU: Panthers     ATS: Saints

Cardinals +7 1/2 at Falcons   SU: Falcons        ATS: Falcons

Dolphins -4 at Texans            SU: Dolphins       ATS: Dolphins

Lions +6 at Rams                    SU: Rams            ATS: Lions

Pats +6 at Bengals                  SU: Pats               ATS: Pats

Jags -3 at Redskins                SU: Jags                ATS: Jags

Browns -2 at Raiders             SU: Raiders          ATS: Raiders

Seahawks +3 1/2 at Bears     SU: Seahawks      ATS: Seahawks

Packers +11 1/2 at Eagles      SU: Eagles            ATS: Packers

Get your beer on this weekend!  We’ll find out who’s for real this weekend and who’s gonna need some more work.  Alikat and the girls are lookin’ for a comeback to the money!  The games we really like are: Ravens at Home, Seahawks to upset the Bears, Saints to play the Panthers much closer than the 7 points Vegas is giving the Home team, and the Jags to cover at the Skins!


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