Week 8 Picks

October 29, 2006

I’m soo sorry boys for last week’s MIA! You see my boyfriend was out in Vegas with his boys and that left me here all alone with just the girls to keep me company. So as you might have guessed I did quite a bit of partying!!! In the wonderful glow of Tequila haze I just lost all track of my duties to all you Sunday Football Hunks anxiously awaiting my Picks. Please accept my apology. I owe you some money picks the next couple of weeks. So here we go!

Houston @ Tenn.-3                    SU: Houston        ATS: Houston

Jacksonville @ Philly -8             SU: Philly             ATS: Jacksonville

Atlanta @ Cincy -3 1/2              SU: Cincy              ATS: Cincy

Tampa Bay @ N.Y. Giants -9   SU: Giants             ATS: Bucs

San Fran @ Chicago -16            SU: Chicago           ATS: Chicago

Arizona @ Green Bay -4           SU: Green Bay      ATS: Green Bay

Seattle @ Kansas City -4 1/2   SU: Kansas City    ATS: Kansas City

Baltimore @ Orleans -2            SU: Baltimore        ATS: Baltimore

St. Louis @ San Diego -9           SU: San Diego        ATS: San Diego

Pittsburgh @ Oakland +10       SU: Pitt                   ATS: Pitt

N.Y. Jets @ Cleveland -1 1/2   SU: Cleveland         ATS: Cleveland

Indy @ Denver -2 1/2               SU: Denver             ATS: Denver

Dallas @ Carolina -5                   SU: Carolina            ATS: Carolina

New England @ Minny +2 1/2  SU: Minny              ATS: Minny

I’m back and I’m feelin’ good about this Sunday.  The girls are gettin’ ready to go get some nachos and beer!  Have a great day!  Kisses from us here at Hot Chicks/Hot Picks!


Week 6 Games Recap

October 19, 2006

Some of you might be wondering why it’s taken us girls so long to post a recap of last weekend’s games.

The easy answer is that we’re still trying to get over the epic collapse of the Cardinals on Monday Night Football. Every year, there seems to be one game on Monday night that defies all known rules of football. Last year was the Redskins/Cowboys. We just witnessed this year’s historic game on Monday night.

So no recap. Not after what happened on Monday. It was just too epic. It was the cherry topped on a perfect Sundae of football.

Week 6 Picks

October 15, 2006

Well I had a great week last Sunday… The same as most of you guys!  A lot of teams are taking today off and let’s hope they’re bringing in their hot strippers to private homes!  No more of that Boat Trip Stuff.  Here’s a little secret guys–If you got the money, go undercover like Leo did in “The Departed”!  Very Hot group of guys in that one!  So here we go again!  I like a couple of upsets today–

Bengals at Bucs +5                      SU: Bucs             ATS: Bucs

Titans at Redskins -11                SU: Redskins      ATS: Redskins

Texans at Cowboys -13 1/2       SU: Cowboys       ATS: Cowboys

Bills at Lions +2                           SU: Lions              ATS: Lions

Seahawks at Rams +3                 SU: Rams             ATS: Rams

Giants at Falcons -3                     SU: Falcons          ATS: Falcons

Eagles at Saints +3 1/2                SU: Eagles             ATS: Eagles

Panthers at Ravens -3                 SU: Ravens            ATS: Ravens

Dolphins at Jets -3                        SU: Jets                  ATS: Jets

Chargers at 49ers +10                  SU: Chargers          ATS: Chargers

Chiefs at Steelers -7                       SU: Steelers           ATS: Steelers

Raiders at Broncos -14 1/2            SU: Broncos           ATS: Broncos

Bears at Cardinals +12                    SU: Bears               ATS: Bears

We really like the Lions to finally get their first win and I got a feeling about those Chucky Bucs today.  It’s time to get all pretty and join my girls for some morning beer and some great nachos!  See ya all later boys!

–Alikat and the girls

Week 5 Games Recap

October 10, 2006

Fourteen games this past week and you probably could have gone down the line and predicted the outcome of each.  With the exception of the Colts and Titans game, it went pretty much according to script.

While we would never advocate missing a weekend of football, we do kind of wish we went out and spent the day at the spa with our other, less football friendly girlfriends.  What do you want, we are girls… 

Chicago 40, Buffalo 7: I think it’s about time we put away the childish questions about who the best team in the NFC is and whether or not the Bears can score.  It would have been a shut out if Buffalo didn’t score a garbage time TD at the end.   
Carolina 20, Cleveland 12: The Panthers look to have gotten their claws back after a slow start.  They’re going to get tougher and tougher to beat.     

Minnesota 26, Detroit 17:  Maybe the second best defense in the NFC is in Minnesota.  The Lions are again one or two years away.  
New England 20, Miami 10:  Are you serious?  The Patriots beat the Bengals handily and then have a hard time with Harrington’s Dolphins?  Alikat says that Culpepper may go down in history as the Damon Wayans character in The Last Boy Scout.

St. Louis 23, Green Bay 20: This is a game Favre would have won three years ago with a functional offensive line to block for him.  Don’t blame Brett.  Blame the front office in Green Bay.  
New Orleans 24, Tampa Bay 21:  Best game of the weekend.  Big day in the NFL for rookie QBs.  Bruce Gradkowski is dreamy and firey.  Chris Simms’ career in Tampa Bay is over.  On the otherhand, Reggie Bush’s career in New Orleans has just begun. 
Indianapolis 14, Tennessee 13:  So which is it?  Indy’s offense out of synch or was it the Titan’s buzzsaw defense that kept the game close?  Either way, it was pretty embarassing.  We love seeing Peyton doing his “I’m disappointed” chin strap pull so to us,  this game was a treat.  Though Vince Young throws like Uncle Rico, he doesn’t look easily rattled.

N.Y. Giants 19, Washington 3: 700-page playbooks are inconsistent because you have way too many plays to choose from.  The Giants are also finally able to play four quarters of football. 
Kansas City 23, Arizona 20: Matt Leinart apparently got his Paris Hilton STDs cleared up for this game.  Losing Larry Fitzgerald is big but it looks like Leinart is going to be fine.  Kansas City scores some more.
Jacksonville 41, N.Y. Jets 0: Jack Del Rio bitch slaps you down silly Mangina.   
San Francisco 34, Oakland 20: Brie and wine beats bricks and beer.       

Philadelphia 38, Dallas 24: What a letdown that the Philly fans didn’t throw batteries but what a great game. Even with the great play of the Eagle defense, Dallas still had a chance to win.  That won’t sit well in practice this week.  And Dallas fans, I don’t think you guys really want Tony Romo.  You may not want Bledsoe, but you don’t want Romo.  Where’s Drew Henson when you need him?     

San Diego 23, Pittsburgh 13: The Steelers just aren’t the same as last year, or at least not the same yet.  Give them a few more weeks.  Also, it’s not like the Chargers are chopped liver.  Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that Phillip Rivers is really an NFL quarterback, not just some kid who hands off to LT.     

Denver 13, Baltimore 3: What did you expect?  Denver’s defense is FAST.  Baltimore’s defense is GOOD.  Both offenses sputter.  Did you expect it to be a track meet?  Did you know the Vegas over/under was like 35 or something?  Crazy. 

Week 5 Picks

October 8, 2006

Another weekend of T.O against the world–Harrington is in at QB–A couple of Rookies starting their first games in Leinart and Gradkowski–The huge game between Pittsburgh and San Diego!  Last week I went 9-5 SU but only 5-9 ATS.  I gotta be honest, I don’t like most of the games this Sunday.  There is not a lot of value in the lines this week.  Some large spreads going down with a lot of desperation out there today.  Many teams are fighting for their season already.  So here we go with Week 5!

Titans +17 1/2 at Indy                 SU: Indy       ATS: Indy

Wash +5 1/2 at N.Y. Giants         SU: Giants    ATS: Skins

Lions +7 at Vikings                        SU: Vikings   ATS: Lions

Tampa +7 at Saints                     SU: Saints      ATS: Saints

Rams -3 at Packers                     SU: Rams       ATS: Rams

Dolph +10 at Patriots                  SU: Patriots    ATS: Dolphins
Bills +10 at Bears                         SU: Bears         ATS: Bears

Browns +8 at Carolina                 SU: Carolina     ATS: Carolina

Jets +7 at Jacksonville                 SU: Jacksonville   ATS: Jacksonville

Chiefs -4 at Arizona                      SU: Chiefs           ATS: Chiefs

Cowboys +2 at Philly                    SU: Philly            ATS: Philly

Oakland +3 1/2 at San Fran        SU: San Fran      ATS: San Fran

Steelers +3 1/2 at Chargers         SU: Steelers        ATS: Steelers

Ravens +4 at Denver                     SU: Denver         ATS: Ravens

Go get em boys, hit em where they ain’t!  Just some words of encouragement from one of my favorite sexy sisters, Susan Sarandon!  Have some shots on us here at Hot Chicks, Hot Picks!  Later boys!

boys are stupid

October 3, 2006

Ever wonder why so many football players act so goddamn stupid?  See the recent incidents with Odell Thurman, Chris Henry, Koren Robinson, Albert Haynesworth, T.O., the list goes on and on and on and on.

Alikat, Mary Milan and I speculated last night while we ate pizza and watched the Monday Night game that it was due to the elevated levels of testasterone in these men’s body.  Studies have long shown that high levels of testasterone lead to high levels of aggression.  Well now, we actually have proof that excess testasterone makes you stupid, in fact, it “can lead to a catastrophic loss of brain cells.” 

Week 4 Games Recap

October 3, 2006

Who needs Lost with all the drama in the NFL this week?

Reports of T.O. possibly, maybe staging his own death to join Biggie and Tupac are greatly exagerated, according to the police who revised their own reports.  This is exactly what I was writing about before, about how everybody is going to treat this as if nothing happened.  Whatever may or may not have happened, T.O. is troubled and needs help.

And apparently so is Albert Haynesworth.  Why the hell isn’t he arrested?  If I stomped on one of my co-workers’ head with my stiletto heels, I’d certainly be cuffed and I’d rightly find myself in a girl prison movie, not just told to stay home from work for five days.

Almost lost in all the drama was the slate of games.  Here is our recap of the action that happened between the lines over the weekend: 

Atlanta 32, Arizona 10: So the Saints draw up the blueprints on how to beat the Falcons and the Cardinals do not heed a word of it.  Why did the Cards defend the pass against Vick?  Crowd the box, people, crowd the box.

Dallas 45, Tennessee 14:  Do the Titans even play football anymore?  Can we export them and the Raiders to NFL Europe?   

Indianapolis 31, N.Y. Jets 28:  We are beginning to fall for Mangina’s style of football.  What can we say?  We’re chicks.  He’s a Mangina and that’s exciting, just like that crazy Stanford Band play at the end of the game. 

Houston 17, Miami 15:  My gawd, Miami.  We keep thinking that they will rally but they are looking more and more gawd-awful.  Dreamy David Carr gets a win and the Texans will not go 0 for the season! 

Buffalo 17, Minnesota 12:  Loss Man is feeling his oats.  One more win and we’ll have to change his name.  The Vikes are killing themselves.  Alikat is on brink herself.     
Carolina 21, New Orleans 18: Even in the loss, Brees looked great.  I wonder if Miami regrets going with Culpepper.   

Baltimore 16, San Diego 13: Todd Heap should have been wrapped up and tackled at the 5.  You can’t just throw a shoulder at that guy.  He’s built like a tank.   
Kansas City 41, San Francisco 0: Ugly.   Alex Smith played like it was 2005.  The Chiefs offense finally wakes up.  Embarrassing.      
St. Louis 41, Detroit 34: Wow.  Really thought the Lions would pull this one out for Mike Martz.  Apparently Linehan and the Rams still have some of Martz’s offensive nerdery.

Cleveland 24, Oakland 21: Leave it up to the Raiders to blow a 21-3 lead.   

Washington 36, Jacksonville 30 (OT): Apparently Al Saunders has gotten past page 200 of his playbook and finally found the plays for Santana Moss.  Great game. 

New England 38, Cincinnati 13: Who dey?  Oh, if you’ve forgotten, it’s the Patriots.  Who dat?  Lawrence Maroney.  Where’s dat?  It’s the endzone, Chad Johnson, remember that place?   

Chicago 37, Seattle 6: Talk about punched in the mouth.  It’s not like Shawn Alexander plays defense.  If you’re holding your breath for Rex Grossman to get injured, so are we, but until then, Da’Bears are in a  class of their own in the NFC.     

Philadelphia 31, Green Bay 9: The game changed in the span of like 5 minutes in the 3rd quarter.  Mary Milan paced around with her Favre jersey as the Packers let control of the game slip through their fingers.  We are convinced Joe Theismann is on drugs for some of the ridiculous things he says.