Week 3 Picks

I’m back after a long week of workin’ hard for my money! This girl needs a foot massage, cold beer, and a lot of football plus a little somthin’ extra!  I had a great week SU going 12-4,  but was a little pissed that some big teams didn’t take care of point spreads like they should have,  going just 9-7 ATS.

Bring it on this Sunday as we have a slew of great games!  Do the Jags keep rollin’?  The big mouth Chad Johnson is ready to fight back!  Bears vs Vikes in the Black & Blue Division!  Carolina and the Bucs fighting to stay alive already!  Are the Ravens due for another Shutout?  Turn on the AC/DC and let’s get to pickin’!  As always  SU-Straight Up and ATS-Against the Spread

1. Jets at Bills -6                          SU: Bills    ATS: Jets

2. Bengals at Steelers -1             SU: Steelers  ATS: Steelers

3. Jags at Colts -7                         SU: Jags       ATS: Jags

4. Titans at Dolphins -11             SU: Dolphins     ATS: Dolphins

5. Redskins at Texans +4            SU: Redskins     ATS: Redskins

6. Bears at Vikings +4                  SU: Vikings        ATS: Vikings

7. Panthers at Bucs +3                 SU: Panthers      ATS: Panthers

8. Packers at Lions -7                  SU: Lions             ATS: Packers

9. Ravens at Browns +7               SU: Ravens         ATS: Ravens

10. Rams at Cardinals -4 1/2      SU: Cardinals      ATS: Rams

11. Giants at Seahawks -3 1/2    SU: Giants           ATS: Giants

12. Eagles at 49ers +6 1/2           SU: Eagles           ATS: Eagles

13. Broncos at Patriots -7            SU: Patriots         ATS: Broncos

14. Falcons at Saints +4               SU: Falcons          ATS: Falcons

There they are guys!  The games I really like are: Ravens to cover vs Browns,  Jacksonville to beat the ATS vs Colts,  Jets to beat ATS vs Bills, Vikings to beat ATS vs Bears, Giants to beat ATS vs Seahawks, and Falcons to cover vs Saints!

Lots of underdogs this Sunday!  I always like more bite than bark in my boys! Well it’s time for the girls to go shopping for some new jeans and shoes.  We’ll see ya all at the bars this Sunday!

Luv ya!  Alikat and the girls–


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