Jacksonville Jaguars

Heading into the Monday Night football game against the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the main story was how the Jaguars don’t get any respect. You couldn’t go two seconds without hearing someone say, “Well, they beat America’s team last week and no one cared but if they beat Pittsburgh tonight, then people will take notice.”

Hello? They were 12-4 last year. That’s not exactly weak sauce. That’s actually muy picante!

Since we haven’t written a preview for the Jaguars (until now) we must admit that we too are part of the national media conspiracy against the Jaguars. And don’t you Jaguar fans start in on us, you booed Leftwich last week against the Cowboys in the first quarter until they got it together.

If it makes you feel any better, we neglected the entire AFC South, which includes the Colts, a team that many have picked to go to the Super Bowl so there are no biases here.

Anyway, the Jaguars beat the Steelers tonight. Keep in mind, it was a Steelers team that had a appendix-less Roethlisberger, a one-armed Troy Polamalu, and a comfortable in his sexuality Joey Porter. If the Jags can go into Indy and stick it to them next week, we’ll join the bandwagon.

Until then, the Jags are a team led by a solid defense with a good QB blessed with a rocket arm in Leftwich and basically three big and tall possession receivers in Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, and Ernest Wilford. Fred Taylor is a weapon if he can stay healthy. As they proved tonight, they can move the ball but they will need to be able to punch it into the end zone if they want to unseat the Colts at the top of the division.


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