Week 2 Picks

Another Sunday is here and I’m getting hot just thinking about all those divisional games! We’re gonna find out real early who’s in trouble and who’s looking to surprise people this year. 

Do the Panthers lose 2 in a row?  How about the Cowboys and all the T.O. talk?   Do the Lions pull an upset?  Bledsoe, Brunell, and Plummer who’s gonna be the first to lose their job? 

So let’s get to it boys!  Remember, SU = Straight up, ATS = Against the Spread.

1. Oakland at Baltimore -13: SU: Baltimore, ATS: Baltimore 

2. Houston at Indy -14: SU: Indy, ATS: Indy

3. Cleveland at Cincy -11: SU: Cincy, ATS: Cleveland

4. Buffalo at Miami -6 1/2:  SU: Miami, ATS: Miami

5. Detroit at Chicago -8 1/2:  SU: Chicago, ATS: Detroit

6. Carolina at Minnesota -1 1/2:  SU: Minnesota, ATS: Minnesota

7. N.Y. Giants at Philly -3:  SU: Giants, ATS: Giants

8. Tampa Bay at Atlanta -6:  SU: Tampa Bay, ATS: Tampa Bay

9. New Orleans at Green Bay +3:  SU: Green Bay, ATS: Green Bay

10. St. Louis at San Fran +3:  SU: San Francisco, ATS: San Francisco

11. Arizona at Seattle -7:  SU: Seattle, ATS: Seattle

12. New England at Jets +6 1/2:  SU: New England, ATS: New England

13. Tennessee at San Diego -12:   SU: San Diego, ATS: San Diego

14. Kansas City at Denver -11:  SU: Denver, ATS: Denver

15. Washington at Dallas -7:  SU: Dallas, ATS: Dallas

16. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville +3:  SU: Pittsburgh, ATS: Pittsburgh

A lot of great games!  Put a tight T-shirt on your favorite girl…throw in some hot wings & cold beer and you boys should be gettin’ down tomorrow afternoon!  Back at ya on Tuesday!


AliKat and the girls!


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  1. Brent says:

    Very interesting site, read it all 🙂

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