New Orleans Saints

Bush is coming to town! Thankfully for the Saints fans it’s the one who actually knows how to do his job!

Sean Payton must have felt like he just took a hit of ‘The Chronic’ when he received word telling him the Texans signed Mario Williams before the draft. The spirits shined down on Orleans that night for once this past year. Possibly the next Gale Sayers (very sexy moves) in the backfield, Bush will be joined by Drew Brees (QB) coming off shoulder surgery. Brees is a great competitor with some things to prove after being left at the curb by the Chargers in the off-season.

The big problem with the Saints this year will still be their defense. Ranked in the bottom 5 in rushing defense and points per game allowed the Saints will have a difficult time stopping all the good running backs in their division (possibly the toughest in the league).

I see some upsets this year for the city of Orleans! Good times are on the horizon, but you’ll have to wait until next year to really crank up the party down on Bourbon Street!


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