Wide Receivers on the Move

It’s a big day for WRs in the NFL.  Deion Branch was traded from the Patriots to the Seahawks for a 1st round draft pick and Koren Robinson signed with the Green Bay Packers. 

The talk around town is that either Pioli and co. fumbled the Branch situation by allowing him to figure out his market market rate or that Branch is overvalued and his success was merely a product of the Belichick system.  Since the Seahawks gave a first round draft pick and considering their history horrid receivers since Steve Largent, I’m chalking this one up to the Patriots front office.  For now (I was trying to photoshop Belichick in plave of the MVP trophy but failed).     

And finally, the front office in Green Bay wakes up and admits that Brett Favre cannot win football games by himself, signs drunkard Koren Robinson.  Alikat says she knew this was coming, “He had to stay in the midwest where drunk driving is viewed as a necessary way of life.  K.Rob will fit right in.” 


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