San Diego SUPER Chargers

Yeah, yeah, so we’re still not finished with our preview yet.  We’ll admit, this is our one liability – we’re not going to stay at home to “blog” on a Saturday when we have to get our nails done, not even if it’s blogging about football.

Rest assured our week 1 recap will come tomorrow, after tonight’s MNF games.

Speaking of tonight’s games, let me resume our tour of the AFC west with the San Diego Chargers.

Everybody’s going to compare Phillip Rivers this year in his first year as a starter to departed Charger Drew Brees, who by all accounts, had grown into the leader of the team. 

This would be a mistake.  The right comparison to make would be between Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning, the QB that was supposed to be in San Diego except for that little intervention Archie staged for the good of his son.

I have to say, for all the talk about the Mannings being the Kennedys of football, that was pretty classless.

The Chargers don’t seem much the worse for wear, though.  They made it to the playoffs in Rivers first year, then slogged through a brutal schedule last year and just missed the playoffs.  Of course, all with Rivers on the bench.

The younger Manning boy made it to the playoffs last year largely on the backs of Tiki Barber and their defense, until he was exposed as a poser.

So the balance is even at the start of this season.  As for the Chargers outlook, the good news is that the Giants are the ones with the brutal schedule this year and all accounts from San Diego say that Rivers is NFL ready.  If he’s not, L.T. and Antonio Gates will try to ease his transition into full time play.

Even if the team and defense can rebound from the shocking shooting of linebacker Steve Foley, opposing offenses are going to pick apart the Chargers secondary.

On a fashion note, I love the powder blue uniforms but I don’t think powder blue exudes the toughness an NFL team should exude.  But they are pretty.  


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