Kansas City Chiefs

That hit on Trent Green (not the one picture here) is why we are not letting our babies grow up to be football players.  Yes, we love the game, but the game can go on without our yet to be conceieved boys.  Thankfully, Green seems to be fine but will not play for a few weeks and the Chiefs get a lucky break in that their bye is week 3.

Though they got beat on Sunday, I believe the offense will be fine.  Even if Damon Huard is calling signals, he’s not the one getting the handoffs, Larry Johnson is, and if last year is any indication, he is going to run wild over opponents this year (again, don’t make too much out of Sunday’s loss).  The one caveat is that the Chiefs aging offensive line may limit Johnson’s running stats but he’s still going to reach the end zone a lot this season. 

So Dick Vermiel tried to win with offense, now new coach Herm Edwards is going to try to win with some defense.  He’s spent most of the off season  fixing the Chiefs defensive liabilities by installing the Tampa 2 scheme.  From the reports I’ve read, they have the speed to play it like the Bucs did in their Super Bowl year.  The issue is that the Chiefs don’t have the personnel up front to create the pressure on opposing QBs and to slow down ground games.

Depending on how the Broncos respond to getting beaten by Jake Plummer and how Phillip Rivers can handle the Chargers, the AFC West is wide open.  If Green can make it back healthy by Week 4, this team could make a late run.  



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