Week 1 Picks

Well here we go boys, opening night and it’s time to put your money where your mouth is!

If you want to make some money this fall, you’ll listen to the women. They teach you that in boyfriend and husband school, don’t they?

We’ve been taking money from my boyfriends for the past few years and this year we thought we’d go public. But before we get started just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Never bet more than you can handle. No sense having your girl go hungry for a week because you liked a two team teaser after downing seven beers!
  2. Bet the same amount on every game.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up because you lose a few or have a bad couple of Sundays. If you follow Rules 1 and 2 things will be close to even by the end of the year. By doing your homework, not following the crowd, and listening to us a little more this Fall you’ll have more money in your pocket than your drinkin’ buddies come Christmas time!
  4. Have FUN! Keep that Brett Favre swagger at all times – whether up or down. Here’s the deal boys, girls love a little swagger especially when things are a little tight. It shows us you do well under pressure and will pick yourself up when the going gets tough! It lets us that you will be able to protect us and our kids.

Enough of that, onto the picks! We’re giving you straight up picks (SU) and picks against the spread (ATS). These were the lines at the time of writing.  They’ll probably change as we get closer to Sunday so watch your lines.  The picks in boldface are the games that we’re betting on.

1. Dolphins -1 1/2 vs Steelers: [SU] Steelers [ATS] Steelers

2. Falcons (pick) vs Carolina: [SU] Carolina [ATS] Carolina

3. Baltimore +3 vs Tampa Bay: [SU] Tampa Bay [ATS] Tampa Bay

4. Buffalo +9 1/2 vs New England: [SU] New England [ATS] New England

5. Cincy +2 vs Kansas City: [SU] Cincy [ATS] Cincy

6. Denver -4 vs St. Louis: [SU] Denver [ATS] Denver

7. New Orleans +3 vs Cleveland: [SU] Cleveland [ATS] Cleveland

8. N.Y. Jets +2 1/2 vs Tennessee: [SU] Tennessee [ATS] Tennessee

9. Philly -5 1/2 vs Houston: [SU] Philly [ATS] Philly

10. Seattle -6 1/2 vs Detroit: [SU] Seattle [ATS] Detroit

11. Chicago -3 1/2 vs Green Bay: [SU] Chicago [ATS] Chicago

12. Dallas +2 vs Jacksonville: [SU] Dallas [ATS] Dallas
13. San Fran +8 vs Arizona: [SU] Arizona [ATS] Arizona

14. Indy -3 1/2 vs N.Y. Giants: [SU] Giants [ATS] Giants

15. Minnesota +4 1/2 vs Washington: [SU] Minnesota [ATS] Minnesota

16. San Diego -3 vs Oakland: [SU] San Diego [ATS] San Diego

There they are boys! Have fun, drink some good beer, tip your bartenders well, and treat your girls to a little somethin’ extra this weekend (if you know what I mean)!

Maybe we’ll see you at the bar on Sunday.  We’ll be the girls whooping it up with our Jack straight up and our beer ice cold.

Luv ya!


3 Responses to Week 1 Picks

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