Washington Redskins

The pig pen starts youngIt’s fitting that I am writing the Redskins preview on the day that Clinton Portis received his plaque inducting him into the Deadspin Hall of Fame for his post game interview characters. 

Portis’ comedic characters likely kept the mood in the locker room light and obviously was the reason why the ‘Skins went on their late run to make the playoffs last season.  My favorite was Coach Janky Spanky and his defensive scheme to stop Clinton Portis – clone a few extra Sean Taylor’s to crowd the box.

Unfortunately, Portis’ status is unclear for the beginning of this season.  TJ Duckett and Ladell Betts may do a good job filling in on the field, but they lack Portis’ acting skills.

As per usual, Dan Synder used the off season to pick up a bunch of new toys acquisitions: Antwan Randle-El, Brandon Lloyd, Andre Carter, Adam Archuleta, Al Saunders, and Tom Cruise.

With “crafty veteran” Mark Brunell leading the offense behind a great group of lunch pail style blockers and a Gregg Williams schemed defense on the other side of the ball, this team looks very, very good. 

Except, they are in the NFC East where just about anything can happen.

T.O. may choke Bill Parcells in Dallas; the Giants may go 2-14 because of the schedule; the Eagles may pass on every down; hell, the kid in the photo is getting ready for the aliens to land in the NFC east to reshuffle the standings by their whim.  And it is because of all of this, that the Redskins may end up anywhere from first to last.  It’s all just so unknowable…


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