Green Bay Packers

The question every Packer fan should be asking themselves this season is: “What’s better? Seeing Brett Favre play or the Packers win?”

You’d be an idiot, a cold heart-less monster, or both if you gave any answer other than “Seeing Brett Favre play…dumbass”.

In a perfect world where all children were healthy, no one drove PT cruisers, and all men opened doors for women, Brett Favre would play AND the Packers would have a winning season.

Sadly, just today I saw a young man breeze by a homely-looking women leaving her in the dust to deal with a door and two bags on her own (boys, the opening-the-door thing applies to all women, not just hot ones).

The Packers are going to lose this year and I’m okay with that. It won’t be Brett’s fault. Even if he goes crazy and sets the records for picked passes this year, the youth of the team and the crappiness of the offensive line would have made them lose anyway.

I say, “have at it Brett, throw your heart out”. Just don’t rack up enough interceptions to put Aaron Rogers in. I would rather make-out with Shaun Rogers than see Aaron R. play.

This season, I’m going to sit back, study Favre’s form, and cheer as the Packers turn in one of their worst seasons in the last 10 years. Who knows, by season’s end maybe the O-line will have improved enough that Ahman Green will be doing some damage.

Speaking of the O-line, have I mentioned that I’ll be studying Favre’s form?


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