Dallas Cowboys

You’d think that adding one of the most talented wide receivers in the game would catapult the Cowboys into instant Super Bowl contenders. It might but not when his name is asspicker initials are T.O.

As johnnyhongkong points out, the NFL is the league that knows irony and the whole T.O. saga for the past 10 months is brimming with it. Not only was T.O. given a long T(ime) O(ut) for his childish shenanigans in Philadelphia but he also ends up in Dallas, the city where he transformed from Terrell Owens to “T.O.,” the man for whom the phrase “Team Cancer” was coined for.

Full disclosure: as a lifelong Packers fan, I’ve hated him ever since “the Catch II” in the 1999 Wild Card game when Owens caught Steve Young’s pass in triple coverage in the end zone as time ran out. That was ridiculous. Not only did Young almost fall, he game should have been over because Rice fumbled but was ruled “down by contact.” Ridiculous, I tell you.

So yeah, the Cowboys…

It’ll be interesting for sure to see what happens with the Cowboys. They have playmakers on offense. Now if only their line can move around enough to block for the very unfleet of foot Drew Bledsoe and to open holes for stud in waiting Julius Jones. I know his batting average is 100% but I still want to know if there is a line is on T.O. destroying the Cowboys and whether or not Bledsoe and Parcells can keep the cancer in check (my guess is that meditation and yoga won’t work and that more aggressive therapies will be needed).

Big D actually has a dual meaning this year – not only does it refer to Dallas but it also refers to Big Defense. Led by a solid linebacking corps who will fly around and make plays this year, the D will keep games close should “the cancer” start and begin eating away at the offense. Did you know that last year cornerback Terrence Howard allowed ZERO touchdowns? And did you know that safety Roy Williams jacked up a receiver on more than one occasion?

Thanks to the schedule makers, the Cowboys are our favorites to win the NFC East.


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