San Francisco 49ers

I love the 49ers. 

Not because they are good or that as golddiggers, they are named after some of my more base lady friends.  No, it’s because they have this god of man named Vernon Davis for me to drool over. 

Look at him and if if you are a man, you shall find yourself lacking.  And you would be right.

As for the team, there’s not a whole lot to say.  They seem to have had a good draft, adding some football players to a team that was in desperate need of them.  With Vernon Davis, aka: the Pure Expression of Manhood, Manny Lawson, Delanie Walker, and Michael Robinson, you can expect some fun and interesting sets this year.

Perhaps in a few years, after Mike Nolan and company are able to address their many issues on defense and Alex Smith grows into the leader many think he will be, the 49ers will rise again in glory.  Unfortunately, for all you diehards, this year will only be a first, tentative step on this journey.  Rest assured, they will be a little better than last year, but no better than 4-6 wins. 

Now go away and let me continue daydreaming about Vernon Davis (and no, it does not bother me that his initials spell out VD.  Stop hating).


One Response to San Francisco 49ers

  1. greg says:

    You’re an idiot and you know nothing about football. Go read a GQ magazine and leave the football to the real fans, you dumb bitch.

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