Philadelphia Eagles

The good news is that Terrell Owens is now Bill Parcells’ problem (ah of course, their grand plan was to ship out Owens so they could bring in Jeff Garcia to back up McNabb). 

The bad news is that Andy Reid may not be willing to relinquish his title as the West Coast Offense’s version of Mike Martz.  They actually outpassed the pass happy Rams last year with a staggering 620 pass attempts.  Let us appropriate one of the most famous Philadelphian women: as Adrian Balboa told Rocky in Rocky IV, “you can’t win!” if you can’t run.

The NFC East is probably the most volatile and competitve division in the NFC and where the Eagles land will depend largely on whether or not Donovan McNabb can return to form from the sports hernia that he got as a result of being the Madden 06 cover athlete.  Donte’ Stallworth, L.J. Shelton, and Brian Westbrook, give McNabb weapons on offense.

Their defense will be effective.  A healthy Jeremiah Trotter means that opposing offenses will have to think twice before running up the middle and with Jevon Kearse and Darren Howard on the ends, the Eagles pass rush will be deadly.  Michael Lewis and Brian Dawkins, their hard hitting safeties, will give receivers something to think about when they drift deep or across the middle.   

The Eagles will be no pushovers this season if they stay healthy but they probably will be in a tooth and nail fight for third place all season long.  If you’re an Eagles fan, you better pray that Mama McNabb is cooking up a bunch of Chunky Soup to keep the boys hale and hearty through the long season.    


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