Arizona Cardinals

Hope really springs eternal in the desert.  At the beginning of every football season, the Cardinals are at the top of every fan and pundits list to finally put it all together to be an unstoppable force in the NFC west.  Every year, the Cardinals will be the NFL’s surprise team.

At the end of every year, a different story emerges, one of unmet potential and disappointment.

Will this year be any different?  On the surface, it seems like the Cards are REALLY primed to explode in the NFC west.  They’ve added Edgerrin James to  arguably the most explosive wide receiver corps in the NFL. 

But alas no, not this year.  No matter the offensive talent, the O-line still can’t block.  Even if Kurt Warner, the first ever robot QB, has repaired its busted motherboard and is able to return to the days when its Terminator like efficiency reigned supreme on the football field (even though it only has one ring to show for it – how’s that for the triumph of the human spirit?), it’ll get busted again when the line misses a blitzing cornerback.  I mean it’s not saying a whole lot when your best blocker is your new running back.  And the defense remains suspect.

But then again, if Shaun Alexander gets kissed by the Madden Cover Curse and if the Rams can’t stay healthy, maybe the Cardinals win the west by default.  That is of course if Matt Leinart doesn’t give the whole team the STDs he’s picked up from that skank Paris Hilton. 


10 Responses to Arizona Cardinals

  1. […] I’m not sure which team I’m more sanguine about.  Both teams have the Kurt Warner, who some are convinced was the first ever football playing robot whose motherboard got fried after getting sacked one too many times.  Nice.  […]

  2. […] Seattle 21, Arizona 10: Seattle is the All-Average defending NFC champs; Kurt Warner’s motherboard must have gotten damaged again. […]

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