Pittsburgh Steelers

Whew! Just when you think it’s safe to come outside… Back you go–To the hospital that is.  As I’m writing this preview Big Ben is just getting comfy at home after his second trip in two months to the emergency room.  This time for an appendectomy.  This does not bode well for a team that has to endure the dreaded Super Bowl Curse as well as losing 3 big time players. ‘The Bus’ took his quick feet to NBC, Randle El left for the circus that is Dan Snyder’s SKINS and (FS) Chris Hope is in Vince Young country. Don’t underestimate Hope leaving. He gave the Craziest SS I’ve seen, Troy Polamalu, freedom to let his gorgeous hair down all over the AFC!

Despite a very tough start–Dolphins, Jags, Bengals, and Chargers the first four games the Champs should be consistent once again–It is the hallmark of Bill Cowher.  That Defense is just too nasty with LB’s Foote and ‘The Mouth’ Joey Porter anchoring what is one of the top three back 7’s in the league. Once Big Ben is feeling healthy again he and ‘Fly Boy’ Willie Parker along with Super Bowl MVP Heinz Ward will be stalking opponents the last half of the year.

This could very well be Cowher’s last season in Steel City (I hear he’s bought a house in North Carolina to be closer to his daughter–Now that’s a DADDY!) so you know he’d like nothing more than to ride off into the sunset ala John Elway. Even though he doesn’t have the ‘Bus’ to start up in December he’s got a QB that just knows how to win along with that bruising D.  I don’t see them repeating but they will be in the hunt come January.


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  1. brad says:

    Absolutely not. I joined and served because I volunteered, as did everyone else I served with. Once you make it compulsory, you get people

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