Miami Dolphins

You know what scares me about the Dolphins? It’s that they almost won the AFC East last year with Gus Frerotte as their quarterback. This year, they’ve upgraded to Daunte Culpepper.

Now you might say that Culpepper may not be the same quarterback he was back in his MVP year in Minnesota, which may or may not be true but in all honesty, I don’t care if Culpepper is playing in a wheelchair and is on a respirator, he’s still better than Gus Frerotte.

Adding Culpepper to a team of playmakers like Chris Chambers, Randy McMichael, and Ronnie Brown, with perhaps the most underrated offensive line in the NFL, and you get a team that’s going to score points.

Now can they stop others from scoring on them? Like his mentor Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, a defensive minded coach, may need to take a long hard look at his corners. Adding Will Allen helps but the secondary is still soft and sieve like. The good news is that up the middle, the defense looks solid (especially Jason Taylor.  He’s dreamy).

I’ll say it right now: if Culpepper comes back to MVP form and Saban can do something about his secondary, the Dolphins are my dark horse pick for the Super Bowl.


5 Responses to Miami Dolphins

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