Detroit Lions

When in the HELL is Matt Millen going to be fired? Watching this guy run a football operation is like watching a bad lover try to find the G-Spot: “That’s not it. Wrong again. Damn it! Here, just watch me do it!”

I’m just astounded as to why the ownership in the Motor City is so enamored with this guy. Any city that has given us Motown deserves to have a good football team. I get hot just thinkin’ of those nasty grooves.

New head coach Rod Marinelli should finally start to get the Lions disciplined–Military Style! Mike Martz is in town to ‘Just deal with the offense’ which is great news for everyone in the organization. He’s got a veteran Qb in Jon Kitna coming in and a darn good tailback in Kevin Jones. I personally think before the year is out you’re going to see a crazy Irishman by the name of McCown throwing some long balls to Roy Williams, if he can stay healthy.

BTW–Where’s Charles Rodgers? Oh yeah, GONE as in CUT after 3 beautiful seasons (Another great pick by Millen) Mike Williams needs to be switched to TE or just let go (Millen pick again) New Defensive Coordinator Donnie Henderson has his work cut out for him as the Lions allowed an average of 127 yards per game rushing and 61% completion percentage.

Many people are thinking this is going to be the surprise team of the NFC this year–I’ll believe it when I see it. They start the year off with Seattle and Chicago, then have the Fish, Pats, Falcons, and Cowboys to contend with throughout the season. Best they’ll do is 7-9, but they will be a much smoother 7-9 than anybody else in the league. Given time they might just get this squad headed in the right direction. That is of course if the Ghost of Jimmy Hoffa can find a way to escort Mr. Millen out of the tri-state area!


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