Chicago Bears

Chicago is ‘My kind of Town’– Great food, architecture, people, and of course ‘Da Bears’! Not many sports organizations have the history and prestige that the Bears have. All you have to say is George Halas, Mike Ditka, Gale Sayers, Walter Payton–You get the picture… Oh, BTW 1986– Has it really been 20 years since I was in love with a 5th grade QB who idolized Jim McMahon (shown here mooning the press at Super Bowl XX) and went by the nickname ‘Hollywood’? It certainly has. Now that boy was a cutie–Dark brown hair, rebel smile, and boy did he knew how to move offensively! I wonder if I could flip through my little black book (Yes, girls have them too) and see if he can still wing it downfield.

It’s the 20th anniversary of the baddest QB and D the league has produced in the last 25 years and the Natives are getting restless. Are we ever going to get back there? These are the whispers you hear from every Chi-Town fan across the country.

My answer– Not with the QB’s you have and the inability to Wing it Downfield. Let’s face it the Bears have a tremendous Defense, not nearly as great as the 1986 crew but then who does. They are still weak in the secondary, as exposed by the Panthers last January, and if there are any injuries to Mr. Urlacher things could get messy fast. Boy do they hit you though and that D-Line is fabulous. With this D they will always be in every game but it all comes back to that QB thing. We all know it takes a good one to get you far. All these so called experts like to think you can get by with ‘just managing games’ these days. What a load of S…

The fact is until you can do more than just give the ball to Thomas Jones, who is a good one and should be the starter, you are never going to make a real push for the Super Bowl again. Rex Grossman has a nice arm and a little Florida attitude but I’m afraid to say he’s a little bit of a china doll and personally he looks too much like that Mike Tomzcak guy you used to have… They look like they should be in a ‘Boy Band’ together not picking up the blitz with a Z-80 Slant over the middle for Six points! Brian Griese is the next in line of what you continue to have there– Middle age white guys who can’t throw very well and definitely can’t shake it on the bootlegs. I think I just found that ‘Hollywood’ kid’s phone number–I’ll give it to you midway through that brutal stretch in November when the Bears will really suffer from the Defense being on the field too long due to the QB’s passes falling incomplete in the East Coast winds.

I’m not part of this bandwagon who thinks they are going to duplicate what they did last year. Let’s face it–Other teams made some major improvements to their overall depth and the Bears didn’t. However they will battle the Vikes for the NFC North Title and if Rex can somehow Grow up and become a Man and the D stays healthy you Chi-Town natives could be singin’ along with ‘Ol Blue Eyes’ at Ditka’s well into January!


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