New York Jets

Cool with pinkMy fiancee didn’t believe me when I told him in one of our first dates that I could throw a perfect spiral. I knew it was a selling point – he loves football – and to this day, I’m almost certain that it’s because of this that he asked me to marry him.

Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

Him: Women who can throw footballs are sexy.
Me: That must mean you think I am sexy.
Him: You can throw a football?
Me: Of course I can.
Him: Really?
Me: Well, I throw better than Chad Pennington.

Which really isn’t saying a whole lot, considering how he throws the football equivalent of a knuckleball, but hey, if the name of the game is a tight spiral, it’s not my fault that he floats his passes.

So on offense, the Jets have a QB who throws like a girl, a running back who drops “Hitler” in reference to his ex-coach, and a receiver (McCareins) who is at blocking than he is at catching.

I do like the offensive line. And the defensive line and linebackers will win a few close games.

Even if their questions on offense get answered, who the hell on that team is going to listen to a coach known as Mangina?

Prediction: 6-10, last AFC East
NB: What’s up with all the bathing suit areas on the Jets? Is there a connection between soon to be #2 wide receiver, Jerricho Cotchery and new head coach Eric Mangini?

Crotchery and Mangina.



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