Buffalo Bills

Billy Buffalo kicks ass!What I love about this picture is that it looks like Billy Buffalo just had his way with #27 taking two knees in the background. Instead of taking on stadium staff, Billy might consider learning how to play on the offensive line. He looks big enough. He certainly wouldn’t be as bad as bubble butt Mike Williams. Someone has to open up holes for Willis McGahee, who at times last year lived up to his self-proclaimed “best back in the AFC” but mostly just McGayly.

So yeah, that’s unfair. He did run for 1,200 yards. But only 5 touchdowns. And that’s just not going to do it, not when you have J.P. Losman calling the signals. It’s just inspiring playing for a guy who’s name looks like “Loss Man.”

On the bright side, the defense is still solid, though not top 10 anymore. Billy Buffalo is kicking ass on the sideline. And if they have enough trade power, Billy Volek is available.

Predicted Finish: 7-9, third AFC East


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